Monday, January 21, 2008

Is a cup of Joe worth it?

If a cup or two of coffee a day were to double your risk of miscarriage, would that morning pick me up still be worth it? According to a recent study coffee might hold that risk.

The key words to me are "early pregnancy." Like so many other things, it may have a impact on your baby before you even know you are preganant. These are the kinds of things that worry me.

So I am saying "good-bye" to my morning coffee (and my mid-day, afternoon, and evening coffee as well!) It is simply not worth the risk.

So the next question is... How do they decaffinate it? What chemicals are used? Is organic decaf any diffrent from regular in the process... I hope I like the answers to these questions because I am going to miss my coffee... REALLY, REALLY miss it.

But, not nearly as much as I would miss a diffrent kind of little bean, so it is a small sacrifice for even a 1% extra chance of a healthy pregnancy.

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