Monday, January 21, 2008

Organic sheets...

A baby spends 15 to 20 hours a day asleep. And while much of that time may be out of their crib, their crib is an important environment for the first months of life. As such, I feel that while organic fabrics may not be as important later, in the first months, this little step is important.

But really? $49.99 for a white crib sheet or even $25.00? Not gonna happen here! Not in an environment which is guaranteed to get spit-up on, popped on, and peed on. So what is one to do?
Here is my plan. Target has Organic Cotton sheets in a couple cute patterns for just $29.99 for a full set.

A full mattress is 54" by 74" a crib mattress is only 28" by 52" so by my math, I can make two crib sheets from one full sheet. As this is a set, I can make 4 crib sheets, for just a few minutes sewing (thank goodness for a surger) and a little elastic, bringing my cost per organic crib sheet to under $9.00! Plus, I'll still have the pillow cases, maybe to make into a couple onsees!

If that is a little to much work for you, or you are not handy at a sewing machine, you can organic crib sheets already made 2 for $29.99 from Target as well.

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