Monday, January 21, 2008


Who am I?

I spend my days working in an architecture firm on sustainable and "green design." In the evenings and on weekends I run (along with my husband) a sustainable farm where we grow about 2 acres of produce (more every year) for a small CSA. So sustainability is in every part of our life.

Why this blog?

I am worried about the world around us, and how the pollution we have put into it effects ourself and our children. I want to provide the best, most natural environment possible for my children. I think that this will reduce their risk of health problems from autism and cancer, to allergies and early puberty. I think it will help them grow up to be responsible citizens of the world who recognize the benefits of this nation given to us by our forefathers and their duty to maintain it for their children.

I want to reduce their exposure to chemicals big and small. I don't feel higher tech is necessarily better, and until we prove it is so we should observe a precautionary principle. I also think that some things which have been mandated for "public good" are not necessarily good for everyone. From flame retardant mattresses to required vaccines for non-communicable diseases, not everything that industry pushes is the right thing.

And because industry pushes so hard it can be difficult to find the truth. Often it is obscured under layers of people saying "Prove it is dangerous!" When all I, as a future parent, want them to do is prove it is safe. From phthalate leaching teething toys to ubiquitous GMO derived corn syrup I feel that I know what is right for my kids, and what is not worth any risk.

But where is that line? And how can I afford, as I scale back my career to raise my children, to purchase the natural goods which are safer, but often seem SO much more expensive! These are the issues I hope to address as we start to try to have our first child.

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Karen said...

Hi, This is Karen from the CSA. Glad I stumbled upon your new blog. I added the link to my blog which gets a lot of "mom" traffic. Hopefully they will pop over and see this blog of yours. I know they would have a lot to say.
Good luck to you on your adventure into motherhood. I know it can be a rollercoaster of emotions but well worth the ride!