Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Decaffinated Coffee...

My research has shown that there are a couple options in the decaffeinating process.

Swiss Water is the best, from my point of view. It uses nothing but water to decaffeinate.

The most common method is using methylene chloride which is an carcinogenic. But, the manufacturer will tell you that the chemical is not stable above 170 degrees and since coffee is roasted and then brewed at 200 it is fine. Well, maybe for some people, but chemicals break down into components, and what about them?

In any case if there is an option, why risk it? So, my coffee just got more expensive, now I will allow myself a cup or 2 of decaff a day. Fair Trade, Shade Grown, Organic and now Swiss Water Processed coffee here I come!

Swiss Water processing
Chemical processes
Coffee manufacturer's description

((I know there is still a LITTLE bit of caffeine in decaf, but 2 cups is around 10 mg, the study showed miscarriage rates double at over 200mg. And you cannot give up everything!))

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Karen said...

I sure hope you can keep this blog up. I would love to see what more you have to say. I guess I should have read the date when I posted my last comment.